Top WordPress Themes for Real Estate Agents

WordPress is relatively easy to use and work with.
Top WordPress Themes for Real Estate Agents

If you have a website that is currently running on WordPress or you’re thinking about building a new website, this blog will cover different the features and benefits that WordPress themes offer for real estate agents. 

If you have a business, then you probably have a website which is running on WordPress.

WordPress is an option that is relatively easy to use and work with as far as sites go.

However, it’s not the easiest thing to work with if you’re a beginner or don’t have any website experience.

However, if you know a little information on websites, WordPress is relatively simple to use. 

When it comes to WordPress sites, people typically go out and find a free theme or pay money for a theme.

The benefit of a good WordPress theme is if you have no coding experience or any idea what you’re doing, a theme will fill in a lot of those gaps.

These themes will give a basic framework that you can then continue to build your website. The themes will control the look, feel, font, colour, and overall layout. 

All these factors would take a lot of work if you didn’t know how to do them, but a WordPress theme can help get to that next step.

Then, as far as themes go, there are numerous options out there.

However, when it comes explicitly to a real estate website, it’s a good idea to pay for a premium theme.

A premium theme is usually $100 or less, so it’s not expensive when you think about what it can do for your business.

So, if you’re an investor, agent, property manager, or a landlord, this blog will provide you with themes that will take a lot of the guess work out for you. 


AgentPress Pro Theme

A great feature of this theme is that it provides a widgetized layout.

So, in WordPress themes, they have widgets that you can set in different places on your website.

Widgets are an excellent tool to have if you want to pick and choose what you want to have on your website.

The AgentPress Pro theme also has IDX integration. This means you will have a live feed to show specific properties from the MLS listings if you wanted to.

You could also choose not to use that feature and display your properties privately on your website.

This theme also has different colour options.

Furthermore, this a mobile responsive theme, so it’s going to look good whether someone is viewing on a tablet or their smartphone. 


Agent Focused Pro Theme

This theme is very similar to Agent Pro in terms of the look and feel.

However, it does have some elements that will make your site look different. For example, the featured listings give more prominence to the pictures.

Therefore, if you have high-resolution images, those will look great on this theme.

This theme is also perfect if you have communities or groups you’re trying to advertise.

If you don’t have high-resolution images of your properties, then it wouldn’t be the right theme for you since this theme focuses on beautiful imagery. 


Top WordPress Themes for Real Estate Agents



This is another theme that focuses on high-resolution images.

The theme is straightforward to navigate and allows your clients to look at your different property listings.

You will have Google map integration that will show at the bottom of your site.

It also has a widget section where you can include information about yourself or the investor.

Lastly, it contains elements to where you can add your phone number or social media links to give your clients easier access to that information. 




This theme integrates a smooth slider feature, which allows your clients to look at your properties without having to scroll down your site.

An exciting feature of this theme is that you can use it as a collaborative real estate listing site.

So, if you’re running a real estate agency with numerous agencies, investors, or sales-people, you can open up your site so that other people can add their listing to it.

Additionally, if your website is getting a lot of traffic, you can charge people to have their listings posted on your website. It also has good search functionality if you want to get specific about the type of properties people are looking for.

Overall, this is an extremely nice theme for real estate agents and businesses to use. 


Top WordPress Themes for Real Estate Agents



This is a cool theme because it’s only used to advertise a single property. For instance, if you have a vacation rental home or a single property that’s going to be advertised continually.

This can be a great benefit since you can get the one specific URL.

All you have to do is name the URL after the property.

At this point, you could put all the information about that property on that URL. Furthermore, you can create a full website with a navigation bar, or you can have it on a one-page site.

This is a great site if you have a single property that you want to get a lot of exposure. 



This is another theme that is made for advertising a single property.

This theme is exceptionally sharp; it starts by displaying a large image at the top of your site.

You can also check out other pictures by clicking at the bottom of the main picture.

This allows the client with a nice view of the property and any features that it has.

Remember that you don’t have to be a real estate agent to use this theme.

You can be a landlord, a property manager, or an investor, and if you want someone to contact you, you can skip the agent terminology and put your information on the website. 


In Summary

Those are the top WordPress themes for real estate agents.

If you won’t want to check them out, go to WordPress, to find more information.

If you feel like you’re inexperienced or you don’t have the time, you can reach out to a web design company that can help you build your site.

For more information on current web design trends, visit TOLS Multimedia.

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