10 Incredible Advances in Gaming Technology

These incredible advances in gaming technology are now making the whole gaming experience better.
10 Incredible Advances in Gaming Technology

Video games have changed drastically and these incredible advances in gaming technology are now making the whole gaming experience even better.


1. Augmented Reality

Don’t enjoy virtual gaming anymore? Try Augmented Reality games for a unique perspective.

AR games allow you to use objects and spaces present in the real world.

For instance, you can use your kitchen counter to play table hockey. You can even use your backyard collectables to partake in a puzzle game.


2. Astounding Graphics

Gone are the days when games used 8-bit graphics.

Cutting edge technology allows you to experience gaming in fully rendered worlds and photorealistic textures.


3. Gesture Control

Intel RealSense technology enables you to play first-person shooter games and interact with the device with a few hand movements.

A 3D camera tracks 22 different points of your hand and gesture control enables you to connect with the gaming experience by the movements of your body.


4. Voice Recognition

10 Incredible Advances in Gaming Technology

We all have our days when we’re just too lazy to pick up the gaming controller.

Enter voice-controlled gaming. Computers today easily understand your voice commands.

You can do a lot of things from searching the internet, play media from your library, interact on social media, and of course, control gameplay.


5. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition and 3D scanning enable systems to create your likeness in the gaming world.

You can even create a cool custom avatar that loos just like you!

In fact, it can even be used to transfer your expressions to other digital creations.  


6. High Definition Displays

With gaming graphics so good, you need something even better to show them off.

This is where Ulta 4K gaming comes into the picture. 4K laptops and televisions (the prices have declined surprisingly since they were first launched).

These screens offer unbeatable crispness and colours and once you’re used to these screens there’s no going back. No, seriously

You also get amazing HD gaming monitors too.


7. Virtual reality

10 Incredible Advances in Gaming Technology

VR gaming consoles allow you an immersive gaming experience.

Virtual Reality offers you a perfect way to escape from reality (quite literally!) to the world of gaming. 


8. Mobile Gaming

Mobile phones have the ability to transfer an entire gaming arcade at your fingertips.

Smartphones are the reason for the increased love for digital gaming.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that 63% of children in the USA have played mobile games.

Some of the most popular games are Pokemon GO, Minecraft, Fortnite, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and PUBG. 


9. Live Gaming

You can now enjoy a host of games such as Roulette, live Blackjack game, slot games, etc. from the comfort of your home.

It’s similar to watching movies online (on platforms such as Netflix and Hotstar).


10. Blockchain

10 Incredible Advances in Gaming Technology

Crypto wallets are widely used in the online gambling world.

Bitcoin still remains to be the most well-known, widely accepted and popular cryptocurrency to make and withdraw deposits.


Wrap Up

The only constant in life is change and gaming is no exception.

Even though these are only some of the ways technology has changed the gaming experience, we’re quite sure that this, is not in any way, the limit.

With every passing year, new changes will be seen.

Until then, we hope you take full advantage of these gaming experiences!


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