Recover deleted data


Are you worried about your lost data that you accidentally deleted? And now you are thinking to recover deleted data.

You don’t have to worry about it; there are several possible ways to recover deleted data. Clicking the right buttons and following the details stepwise would definitely help you.

You can try a few possible ways given below to retrieve data as much as possible. Let’s have a look into it.  


Restore the Deleted File from Windows 7

You don’t have to worry if you don’t find the deleted file in your recycle bin. Or you have emptied the recycle bin and do not want to use any other software to restore deleted files.

You can try to recover the deleted or lost file by using the free backup and restore feature built into Windows.

Follow the following step to do it:

Step 1: press start then go to my computer, now search for the folder that used to contain your file.

Step 2: Right-click on the file you want to restore, and then click restore the previous version.

Step 3: You will see a list of available previous versions of the deleted files with different times and dates. Choose the version you want and click “Restore”. Your deleted file will retrieve.  


Recover a Deleted Data from Recycle Bin

When you delete the file it first moves to the recycle bin of your computer and then when the bin is emptied it marks the space that the file occupied on the disk as empty. But the data in your file is still there due to which, you can safely recover your deleted file.

Once you deleted the file it will not display on your desktop you don’t have to worry.

Step1: Open the recycle bin, Search your deleted file

Step 2: click on the file you want to restore this will retrieve deleted files back to their original location.  


Recover deleted files with Recovery Software

Other than these procedures you can use a third-party for your data recovery.

There are many recovery tools available on the internet to restore lost, deleted, and formatted data. No matter if your device is crashed/damaged, dead, or factory reset.

Specialized software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free makes this a very simple process and provides you a safe method to restore any type of file such as photos. Videos, contacts, documents, and many more from Hard disk, memory card, windows, USB drive, or mobile phones. It’s an easy and effective tool that is used worldwide.

 It scans through your disk and looks for signs of old/deleted files that are still in the emptied space of your Bin.

Follow the below steps to find your deleted items:

Step 1: you have to choose the exact file location whether it’s a local hard drive disk or a removable storage device from which your files were deleted. Then continue by clicking the ”scan” button.

Step 2: Wait until the scanning completes then you can preview the found files and can select whatever needed. You can select how much you want, there is no limit in number.

Step 3: Press ”Recover” to restore your files, the restored files will be saved in another location rather than the original one

Step 4: Click ”OK” to finish the recovery procedure.

Caution: There is a risk of overwriting the files if you save your recovered data back to the same drive where you lost from. The file can be transferred to its original place once it is recovered. So avoid direct recovering to the same drive. 



You don’t have to panic if you lose your data or delete it accidentally, today’s technology would help you to restore that formatted data in much less time.

We have mentioned above the different ways to restore deleted data, that might be helpful for you and if you want to save your time and work with less efficiency the right choice is other than EaseUs that not only help you to retrieve your lost data from the storage but also help you in formatted files and emergency recovering Data. It has very basic steps and does not contain any hidden explanations. Following the above steps would definitely ease your difficulties    


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