How to smoothly Run GUI on remote Ubuntu server?

It’s easier than you think.
How to smoothly Run GUI on remote Ubuntu server?

remote ubuntu server gui anydesk

Though running an Ubuntu desktop on a remote server without a graphic card is not a good idea because it is super slow and laggy.

But, if it is the only way around for you to get a specific task done, here is how you can do so:

1. Install and Run Tasksel

  • Make sure you have added a secondary user before proceeding
  • Update and Upgrade the server through SSH command line console
$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade
  • Add required repositories
$ sudo add-apt-repository universe

$ sudo add-apt-repository multiverse
  • Install Tasksell
$ sudo apt install tasksel
  • Run Tasksel to Install ubuntu desktop
$ sudo tasksel


2. Install Anydesk

  • Open the console on AWS digital ocean (or whichever hosting service you use which gives Linux command line access) to reboot and then install Anydesk.
$ sudo reboot

$ apt-get update

$ wget

$ dpkg -i anydesk_2.9.5-1_amd64.deb

$ apt-get install -f

3. Set Anydesk permissions

  • Activate Unattended access in Anydesk settings
  • For optimal performance change screen resolution to the lowest (Optional)

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